Common Ailments and Treatments

How often should I come in?

It depends on your particular condition. Many people come in once a week while others come in every two weeks or monthly. It really depends on what issue or issues you are trying to correct. Also, you may get the best results if you come in more regularly at first(weekly) and then decrease after a few weeks (monthly) to maintain the improvements you have obtained. For some that have no major problems but just want stress relief or relaxation, it is probably more of a financial decision than a health issue. The great thing is you get to decide.


How do I know which treatment to choose?

Most of our clients usually ask for a specific treatment when they contact us because they have already done some research or investigation on their own.


Are any of these modalities covered by insurance?

In general, the answer is usually no. We as a center do not deal with insurance. Payment is expected upon completion of service received. However, some of the services we offer are reimbursable under some individuals insurance or “flex plan/cafeteria spending plans”. Acupuncture, for example, is being picked up by many insurance plans for specific ailments. Also, in some cases where there is a doctor referral for a specific treatment the client can get reimbursed.