Bodymind Integrated Reflexology


Bodymind Integrated Reflexology (formerly referred to as Metamorphosis) is administered primarily on the spinal reflex areas of the feet, and may extend to the corresponding reflex areas of the hand and/or head. This is a very gentle and subtle process of triggering the reflex areas to release “emotion-stress fusions” that have been stored. The spinal reflex points, based on Reflexology, have also been found to correspond

to the pre-natal period of development. The foundational elements of Bodymind Integrated Reflexology are One-Brain Integration, Metamorphosis and The Metamorphic Technique.

The founder of Metamorphosis states, “To be able to loosen the structure of time in the subject is to introduce the potential of change and movement, and to move towards the present moment of time. This movement forward is indigenous in man; a conscious and unconscious desire or will to change for the better.”This process relieves long-term behavioral patterning without the subject needing to re-live or re-experience the trauma. The release is done physically, therefore no mental processing is necessary to obtain success.

The founder of The Metamorphic Technique writes, “Metamorphosis may seem an unusual word to use in association with personal growth and healing, but the process of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly is one that encompasses what takes place within us as we leave behind patterns of psychological or physical dis-ease and move into new areas of development. Metamorphosis is the process of change that takes place as the inner programming fulfills itself, and as a result a different form of life emerges. Within us too, there is an inner programming, established at the moment of conception, and we grow and develop according to that programming…The work of metamorphosis is expressed through a change in our mode of being. It is a movement from who we are to who we can be. There has to be a letting go of old patterns in order that freedom may be realized.”After an initial consultation of 90 minutes, sessions are available in one-hour sessions.


1 hr-$90; 90 min-$130(initial session)