Reflexology’s benefits:

  • Helps in relieving stress and tension.
  • Improves the blood supply.
  • Promotes the unblocking of nerve impulses.
  • Helps the body achieve homeostasis.

One of the most surprising scientific discoveries of recent years is that every kind of cell in the human body has a close correspondence to all other kinds.

This goes a long way to explain why points on the feet and hands are mirrors that reflect conditions elsewhere in the body. As long ago as 1917, Doctor William Fitzgerald based a therapy on just that theory – that the correct palpation of these points would work in tandem with the body’s own energy to alleviate stress, affect every gland and organ, and in fact, activate the body’s healing potential.Virtually every health problem can be helped by this natural healing technique; a systematic application of pressure to points – called reflexes – on the feet and/or the hands. Reflexology is simple and safe, yet it is a profound stress reducer and therapeutic tool.

  • PMS
  • sinusitis
  • back ache
  • nausea
  • general stress

If we injure ourselves, the corresponding area of the foot will reflect that with tenderness or discomfort. If we then work out the tenderness in the foot, we tend to heal the corresponding body area. When congested or blocked areas on the foot are cleared out, the healing process is hastened because the circulation – the blood and nerve supply and the energy flow to that body area – has been improved. Moreover, the body has a better opportunity to heal itself once some of the incidents of stress to the affected area have been reduced or removed. It is especially helpful for

Such well known and respected healers and individuals as Dr. Bernie Siegal, Louise Hay, Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls,D.O., and Regis Philbin are proponents of this technique.

Reflexology treatments are available in half-hour or one-hour sessions at the center.

30 min-$55;
1 hr-$90