Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Yes, it is considered an organ just like your liver, kidneys and heart. Your skin protects your body from germs by acting as your body’s overcoat. It regulates your body’s temperature and keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. The nerves in your skin allow you to enjoy the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. Waste that cannot be processed and eliminated through your kidneys and colon goes into your bloodstream and may end up in your lungs, skin and lymphatic system.

Dry skin brushing is a simple, inexpensive way to help your body release toxins that collect in your lymphatic system. Some benefits of dry brushing are:

•Helps Digestion •Dissolves Cellulite •Tightens Skin
•Accelerates Cell Renewal •Stirs up the Lymphatic System •Removes Dead Skin Layers
•Stimulates Circulation •Strengthens the Immune System

This is how to do dry skin brushing:

• Buy a long handled NATURAL bristle brush from your local health food store.

• Dry skin brush before your shower or bath once or twice per day.

• Make sure your skin is dry.

• Gently brush in clock-wise circular motions, starting at the soles of your feet, move on to the top of your feet. Don’t forget inside each toe. Always towards your heart.

• Continue gently brushing your ankles, calves, and thighs (front and back).

• Moving on to your abdominal area, beginning on the right side of your abdomen, gently brush your outer abdomen, moving from your lower right side to across your upper abdomen and down the outer lower left side of your abdomen. Make an upside U trail around your outer abdominal area. Gently brush your inner abdominal area, moving from the right to the left in small circular motions.

• Gently brush your hands, both the inside and outside skin. Don’t forget to brush inside each finger.

• Brush each arm (front and back), in the direction of the heart, your shoulders, both sides of your neck and your back.

• Lastly, very gently brush your breast/chest, avoiding the nipple area.

Once you’ve completely dry brushed your entire body, take a warm shower with slow water flow. End your warm shower with a few minutes of cool water on your entire body, starting at the soles of your feet, to stimulate your immune system. Finish off by applying lavender (or some other relaxing essential oil) infused warm coconut oil over your entire body!

P.S. You can use a small, exfoliating cosmetic brush on your face to add a natural, healthy glow.

Sharon V.B. Roulhac is a integrative nutrition health coach and an internationally certified colon hydrotherapist. She is affiliated with Relaxing Alternatives Wellness Center, Gaithersburg, Maryland

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