A new client asked me this morning, “Sharon, why do you do this?” I knew exactly what she meant. Feeling a little mischievous though, I smiled and asked, “Do what?” She said, “You know. Why are you a colon hydrotherapist? After all, you watch people poop all day long. How did you get onto THIS career path?” I laughed and said, “I’m so glad you asked. Simply put, I’m a colon hydrotherapist because I help people feel better!”

When asked what her Mom does for a living, my 41 year-old daughter, proudly sums it up in 11 words, “My Mom helps people get the mess out of their lives.” I couldn’t say it any better. My seven grandchildren have a harder time explaining what I do for a living. They leave out the messy details and just say, “She’s a holistic health practitioner.”

Seriously though, eliminating toxins from your body, through colon hydrotherapy, can be a most pleasant experience for you. I never realized how something as simple as getting out built up fecal matter can be beneficial on so many levels. After I experienced my first few colonics, I observed how my stress level went down, my skin got clearer, my breath smelled cleaner. And, my little kangaroo pouch disappeared (without doing crunches (ugh!)). I’m always amazed and happy to see how getting rid of toxins with colon hydrotherapy improves my clients’ feelings of wellbeing too.

When you commit to getting rid of your body’s toxic overload, you are giving yourself a gift of love. The average person carries 5-25 pounds of extra fecal matter in their bodies on a regular basis and never even give it a thought. If you suffer from unexplained weight gain or can’t get rid of those extra pounds, no matter how hard you work, you may consider giving colon hydrotherapy a try.

Most new clients are amazed at how much fecal matter and debris they release during their first treatment. I inform them we are just hitting the tip of the iceberg with that first treatment. You see the average adult colon is 5-6 feet long and colon hydrotherapy is a very gentle infusion of twice purified water into the colon. We’re not roto-rottering you out! We normally only reach the lower part of the colon during that first treatment.

You would benefit from a series of colonics. Some folks think I’m pulling their leg and just trying to get their money but once I explain the many therapeutic benefits of more than one colonic, they usually understand and will commit to doing a series. You see, my goal is to educate you on the benefits of a fully functioning, unclogged colon. From there, the decision is yours!

Sharon V.B. Roulhac, formerly of National Integrated Health Associates (“NIHA”), is a certified health coach and an internationally certified colon hydrotherapist. She is currently affiliated with Relaxing Alternatives of Gaithersburg, Maryland and Rose of Sharon Wellness of Denver, Colorado.

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